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The disc-shaped structure, which might have led to the safe destruction of the puck in ice hockey pucks as a result of great forces throughout board play, has proven to be notably advantageous within the case of a puck for indoor or road hockey. In indoor or avenue hockey, the speeds with which a puck hits any gangs are a lot decrease than in ice hockey, in order that there is no concern of the puck being destroyed by destroying the connection of the disk-shaped segments. The middle section consists of a clear material and offers the appropriate receptacle to be used with gentle sources, power sources, switches and regulating and control components. Additional mild channels usually are not needed since the light beams may be directed over the central section onto the whole central peripheral floor of the puck. Such a swap could be fashioned by a piezo swap which is designed to be very touch-sensitive.

Alternatively, a cavity may be shaped above the change 9 within the rubber-elastic materials of the higher segment 4, by which an actuating factor, for instance a plastic ball, is organized . In this case, relatively slight vibrations are enough to actuate the switch 9. The inventor can be conscious of pucks into http://livebettingaea.fredsgivingday.com/bettingstats-org which rotatable balls are inserted, which protrude from the end faces of the disk-shaped physique. These elements are meant to allow advantageous movement properties of the puck on a surface other than ice, for example on sports activities corridor floors made of wooden or linoleum or on asphalt.

Puck in accordance with at least one of many previous claims, characterised in that the ring edges of the flat cylindrical body of the puck are chamfered or rounded. Puck based on at least one of claims 7 to 10, characterised gekenn¬ characterised in that a plurality of pins are organized on a holding plate . 25 onerous and low-friction material are firmly related, which protrude from the rubber-elastic material on a sliding surface of the puck. Puck in accordance with claim 7, characterised in that the end face of the puck around the tip of a sliding component is shaped dome-shaped.

Inserting the wreath-like construction in an injection mold after which encapsulating it is a http://casinobingomvv.eccportal.net/free-correct-football-prediction-website very complex and dear manufacturing process. The tip of the pin ought to protrude a minimal of 1 mm, preferably 2 to 4 mm, from the rubber-elastic material to have the ability to guarantee good sliding properties. By rounding off the part of the sliding parts that protrudes from the rubber-elastic materials, it is firstly prevented that sharp edges of the sliding elements get caught on uneven surfaces and intrude with the sliding of the puck. Second, the danger of harm from the hard sliding factor is further reduced.

2 and three, the clear intermediate section 2 is supplied with three retaining bolts eleven which engage in recesses 18 in the two outer segments 2, four. For a secure connection, the retaining bolt 11 is offered with an annular bead 16. A deeper connection can be made by dovetail-shaped holding elements on the center one Achieve phase 3, that are organized in a ring on the top and backside of the middle section 3 and interact in complementary, undercut grooves in the outer rubber-elastic segments 2, four. The annular sliding element can have a retaining bead which is encompassed by the rubber-elastic material. In the manufacture of the puck 25, the rubber-elastic materials can be sprayed across the retaining bead of the sliding factor inserted into the injection mould for the puck.

The second annular recess 17 seen from the peripheral floor of the puck is supplied with bores http://casinobingo7ap.electrico.me/free-correct-football-prediction-website for receiving the sliding pegs 14 which open on the end face of the puck body 1 in the region of the dome-shaped sliding knobs 12. In every outer section 2, 4 of the puck, three components based on FIG. 4 inserted, which two slide pins 14 projecting through the bores have, that are integrally related to an annular segment-shaped holding plate 15. A major drawback when enjoying a puck with sliding elements on its finish face is that the ring-shaped edges of the puck continue to be manufactured from rubber-elastic material and through play with the Can come into contact with the surface.

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Since the sliding elements are firmly, ie non-rotatably, related to the rubber-elastic material of the cylindrical physique, the connection could be made much more durable than in the case of the spherical our bodies. This spigot can both be encapsulated by the rubber-elastic material or, within the case of the multilayer puck described below, may be inserted via a recess within the rubber-elastic materials. The massive holding plate lies securely against the rubber material in the edge area of the recess, in order that the sliding element is held in place. The finish face is ideally spherical around the tip of the sliding factor. The tip protrudes only slightly from the dome-shaped rubber materials in its neighborhood, in order that injuries are not to be feared. Due to the dome-shaped elevation within the neighborhood of the tip, it protrudes far sufficient from the end face to keep away from contact with this end face of the rubber-elastic body with the lower floor during play.